Circle: Unity and cooperation among people of Santa Cruz.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Laguna where the town is located.

Cross: Strong faith and belief of townspeople to God and to the Holy Name of Municipality, Santa Cruz.

Sun: Strength and prosperity for historical participation of townspeople when Laguna and seven (7) other provinces participated in the 1896 Revolution.

Red Color: Readiness, heroism and bravery of townspeople in answering to the call of Mother Country.

Blue Color: Peace, purity and great love for mother country.

Farmer, Carabao and Ricefields: Farming industry.

Coconut Trees, Fruits and Worker: Coconut industry.

Fisherman and Fishes: Fishing industry.

White Cheese (Kesong Puti): Most famous product of Municipality derived from Carabao's milk.