Vast Green Area: Unlimited potential for growth and sustainable development that serve as driving force of the City.

Brown area within the gear: Science City as host to various farm animals and fish research, culture and development showing great potential to generate income and other sources.

Brown Contour: City's fertile soil which is supplied with irrigation water represented by blue waves. Fertile soil is an added value of the City to advance diversified, modern and technological farming system.

"in God we trust": Deep trust of people of Muñoz in Almighty for the pursuant of their desired community development.

Golden Grain: Product of scientific, technological and institutional researches performed by different agencies, represented by the molecular orbit; work in unison to revolutionize farming systems not only for the City in particular but the whole country in general.

Golden yellow arched lines: portray the historical evolution of the city from its beginning as a barrio then becoming a first-class municipality to its subsequent upliftment as the first Science City in the country.