Circles: Continual vision for progress in economic, social, civic and spiritual sector; circular lines also represent rim of a "kaing" (native basket) which is used in transporting kalamansi, sintures,and other fruits; twenty six (26) threads for strength and number of Barangays.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Oriental Mindoro where the town is located.

1963: Foundation year of Socorro as a Municipality under Republic Act 3609. It was a former barangay of Pola.

Sun & Rays: God which gives light and warmth to townspeople for continuous strength and total progress.

Blue Waves: Rivers, lakes, spring, and other bodies of water which are sources of marine life.

Ricefields: Source of livelihood of townspeople; rice as primary staple food and its excess harvest is sold in local markets, in nearby provinces and even Manila.

Coconut, Banana, & Fruit Trees: Abundance in production of coconut, banana and different kind of fruits as other source of income and livelihood of townspeople.

Mountains: Main source of lumber.