Color Symbolism: Green: Wealth, resources and commitment to preserve ecological balance. Blue: Natural color of sky and high seas and soothing natures of weather. White: Purity, cleanliness and decency. Red: Courage and bravery. Brown: Antiquity and historical attachment way back to pre-Spanish Period. Yellow or Gold: Abundant blessings.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Palawan where the town is located.

Hills: Depicts the hilly topography of the town.

Bancas: Used for fishing by the townspeople; mode of transportation from island to island to mainland and vice-versa; representing the 6 islands of the Municipality.

Coconut: Source of indigenous construction materials; one of the old agricultural products of the town which is still familiar to this date.

Rice: Symbolizes rice as the primary agricultural crop of the town.

Corn: Stands for corn production, another major source of livelihood of the people.

Fish & Sea: Represent that the Municipality is rich in marine products.