Rope: symbolizes the unity of the diverse tribal groups comprising the residents of the city.

Talakudong: Former name of Tacurong; Maguindanao term for headgear used by residents of the area in the 1940's.

yellow rays, red and blue semitriangles: symbolize the Philippine National Flag and the country where the city belongs.

twenty (20) Stars: represent the twenty (20) barangays comprising the City of Tacurong.

ribbon: symbolizes the honor of the people of the City of Tacurong.

Infrastructures: stand for a balanced developmental growth in commerce, industry, housing, telecommunications, and road infrastructures.

2000: denotes the year when the municipality was converted into a city.

rice, corn and african palm oil: stands for the three (3) major agricultural products of the city.

torch and open book: Center for education in Central Mindanao.

Boy and girl sihouette: symbolize the special concern of the city government for the youth.