Galleons (on blue field): Four (4) big ships of Legaspi-Urdaneta expedition on board were 380 men mostly Mexican Mariners that lifted anchor from Natividad, Mexico on November 21, 1564 and reached the Philippines on February 13, 1565. Chief mission of expedition, second sent by King Philip II of Spain to Philippines, was to Christianize the natives thereof. "La Capitana" was the name of huge flagship of the Legaspi-Urdaneta expedition.

Arms locked over a saro and native cup filled with wine: Historic blood compact between Boholano Chieftain Datu Sikatuna and Captian General Miguel Lopez de Legaspi of Spain on March 16, 1565 at the little settlement or village of Bohol, some three (3) kilometers southeast of , Tagbilaran; It also signifies friendship peace and brotherhood of men, Tagbilaran being dubbed as the City of "Peace and Friendship."