Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Cagayan where the town is located.

Thirty Two Leaves: Number of Barangays comprising Tuao.

Rope: Hope, unity of interest or solidarity and cohesiveness of the Orags (Tuaoenos).

Stars: Beacons as guiding light of the municipal officials in marching towards their dreams and their need for infrastructure projects, ordinances, etc. for the welfare of the Municipality.

Bird: Name of the Municipality was derived from a sound produced by a mysterious bird.

Rice & Corn: Main products of the Municipality.

Wooden Plow & Hat: Tuao is an agricultural community fits for various crops. Plow as farm implement most commonly used by the farmers in the Municipality while the hat, locally known as "Salakot" is widely used by the farmers as protection from heat of the sun and from the rain. Also signify humility, creativity, industriousness and pragmatism of the constituents.

Line Drawn Between & Separating the Main Products: Town is divided into two (2) by the Chico River. Eastern portion comprising eighteen (18) Barangays.