Shield: Derived from the Provincial Seal of Benguet where the town is located.

Dam & Reservoir: At top left, represent the mini dams and water irrigations in the Municipality which help in the promotion of its industrial potentialities.

Pick & Shovel w/ Miner's Helmet: At top right, depicts the rich mineral resources of the Municipality. It signifies that the Municipality covers an area of income-producing mining industry.

Pine Trees: At lower right, depict the forest potentialities of Tublay and terrace-clad mountains representing the tourist attractions of the place such as hot springs, caves, and other beauty spots found in the Municipality.

Native Basket Filled w/ Vegetable: At lower left, represent the home industries in the Municipality and the vegetable industry grown in fertile areas and even on terraces constructed on mountainsides.

Gangsa / Gong: Used in ceremonial "caƱaos" or feasts; at the center, depicts the highland culture of the people, a harmonious blending of what is truly native and indigenious, the "gangsa" represents the optimistic outlook of the people, their oneness and adaptability to change for the better.

motto: Underneath are words "pagkakaisa-kasipagan-kasaganaan" (unity-industry-prosperity) which spelled out in bold letters; also its people's homogeneity in their aspirations to attain prosperity for their municipality and for themselves through cooperation and honest labor.