Gear: Municipality's vision of agro-industrialization.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Lanao del Norte where the town is located.

Sun: Guidance of Heavenly Creator and His blessings showered upon Municipality.

Twenty-four rays: Twenty-four (24) Barangays comprising Municipality.

Dove: Unity and friendship among Tubodnons who work towards attainment of sustainable peace and development.

Mountain: Mt. Totong-torong which is a potential eco-tourism destination for its diverse flora and fauna.

Crescent, star and cross: Cultural pluralism of Tubod, its varied customs, traditions, history and religion spring from its settling by Muslim and Christian settlers and indigenous groups.

Green field: Rice and corn crop production and trading as second largest source of income of Municipality.

Road: Infrastructure development in Municipality including farm to market roads to strengthen economy.

Banana plant: One-Town-one-Product (OTOP) of Municipality, from which town's Sagingan Festival is inspired as the celebration showcases a bountiful harvest of the thirty banana varieties.

Coconut Trees: Main source of income of Municipality is copra production and trading.

Carabao: Hardwork and enthusiasm of farmers in tilling agricultural land in order to prosper Municipality's economy.

Spring: Tubod Spring at Sitio Baybay which tells the toponymical origin of Municipality; "tubod" is Visayan term for water source.

Blue sea: Panquil Bay as source of bountiful marine life.

Fish: Dor Laya (snapper), a fish variety which is most abundant catch in the bay.

1946: Year when town, by virtue of Republic Act No. 58, separated from its mother town Kolambugan and became an independent municipality.