Rope: Represents the unity and cooperation of the people inspite of differences in dialect, culture and tradition.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of South Cotabato where the town is located.

Mountain: Represents Mt. Matutum, the landmark of the Municipality; its serene and tranquil beauty reflects the friendliness of the people and peaceful condition prevailing in the area; represents the LGU's desire in the preservation of its natural resources and environment.

fields : Major source of livelihood of Municipality; agriculture, as major contribution to agri-industrialization endeavor of South Cotabato Province.

Native Shield, Spear, & Kris: Symbolize the cultural communities residing in Tupi; they were the first dwellers in the once vast tropical forest who lived in a nomadic way; also represents the determination of the people to defend the Municipality against agressors and perpetrators of chaos and crimes.

Leaf: Symbolizes "Tufi", a beetle leaf which the natives used to chew and from which, according to the famed legend, the name of the Municipality originated.