Bunch of Flowers: "Calachuchi", official flower of the Municipality which is abundant in the town.

Three Blue Rings: Three (3) principal rivers of Umingan, namely; Banila, Carayungan and Umingan.

Fifty Eight Yellow Stars: Fifty eight (58) Barangays with boundaries officially delineated.

Rising Sun: Location of the town, in the easternmost part of the province.

Edifice: Municipal building.

Sword & Balance: Equal justice to all.

Two Horns: Power granted by the citizenry to the ten (10) elected municipal council members.

Two Larger Stars: Mayor and vice-mayor.

Eight Smaller Stars: Eight (8) councilors.

Chevrons: Members of the police force.

Red & Blue Stripes: Subdivided vast tracts of land distributed to the tenants under RD 00027 of the Land Reform Program.

Rice Stalks, Bananas, Bamboo, Sugarcane, Tomato, Leaf, Coconut, & Corn: Various products of the Municipality.

Pick & Shovel: Unexploited minerals such as gold, iron, ore, kaolin clay, etc.