Circular Rope: Land area of Vallehermoso which is only 10,218.8672 and has fifteen (15) Barangays. It is bounded by Canlaon City in West, San Carlos City inNorth, Tañon Strait in East & City of Guihilnagan in South. Small size of the land with boundaries around Barangays makes them closely knit.

Text Colors: Red color for people's intent love to town & light golden color speaks of how precious Vallehermoso is to God & for having protected it from so much disasters & overwhelming troubles.

Shield: From the Provincial Seal of Negros Oriental where the town is located.

1913: Year when Vallehermoso was made a town on January 1, 1913, when Gilbert Newton signed the document to this effect through Governor Felipe Tayko.

Sun with its yellow rays: Makes the whole town war and optimistic early in the morning.

Red Letter "V": First letter of Vallehermoso.

Coconut Trees, Banana Plants, Ricefields, & Sugarcane: Agricultural products of town.

Mountain: Place where Don Diego rested while on his way from Binalbagan in search of territories to conquer. From top of this mountain, he viewed a beautiful valley henceforth he called Vallehermoso.

Blue Sea & Sky, Banca: Makes the town an attractive place for sea bathing. This is also a source of income for fisherfolks. Lately, this has been developed as a tourist destination known as "La Playa d Vallehermoso."

Cannon & Cannonballs: Remnants of bravery of the founder of town, Gen. Don Diego dela Viña. Fifteen (15) cannonballs represent the solid effort left by Don Diego, which formed fifteen (15) Barangays that make up this Municipality.